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Are you interested in glass bottle which made in Japan?

This is Japan Seiko Glass.,Ltd
Now we are running the factory as special producers of glass bottles for cosmetics and fragrances in Japan. We have had a great experience of manufacturing glass bottle for cosmetics. We were founded in 1895. Since then we have been engaged in manufacturing glass bottles. And we installed automatic machines in our factory in 1959. And we set the target to break into the beauty industry in 1969. After that we have been manufacturing various kinds of shaped glass bottles for cosmetics and perfumes.
We are confident in the quality of our products. Of course this includes keeping the transparent glass color. For keeping transparent glass color, we are importing the materials of glass from Stradbroke island in Australia.         
The system for keeping the good quality of our factory has gotten firm trust from all clients in beauty industry in Japan. One of our clients is the top Japanese beauty company “Shiseido”. Also we are supplying our products to most of the beauty companies in Japan.
The glass industry is shrinking in Japan recently. Unfortunately, in Japan, many of glass bottles players have been disappearing year by year. Because, A lot of company in the beauty industry are using plastic bottles instead of glass bottles. Therefor we decided that we break into new world. We set the target not only cosmetics but also beverages, which is unique materials such as Japanese Sake, special vinegar, special sprit, unique juice and another specialties. 
And these bottles are manufactured by the accumulation of our manufacturing process which has been cultivated by skills of manufacturing glass bottles for cosmetics and perfumes. We already have a lot of kind of mold for stocked products for foods and beverages. If you need something good, we could prompt respond to you.

What is the world’s trend?

hese days, higher demand from consumers for getting new products has been increasing. Therefore companies need to introduce shorter life cycle products. So it is increasing demand “limited product edition”, a high demand for short product life cycles and consequently short runs. Limited editions are becoming popular, so life cycles are getting shorter. Shapes are becoming very refined.

Yes, Flexibility is called for.
We believe that our factory is ideal for “limited product editions.” What’s more we are putting the machines on our factory suitable for limited edition products. Actually we have a plan that a new machine is installed in the factory. It is top of line and has a many special features for making unique shaped glass bottle and supplying small quantities.
In addition, world beauty producers have focused on the emerging market especially
China. Some of top beauty producers have already established R&D centers in China to understand Asian beauty needs. But wait a second. Do you know how glass packaging players in China are well? Our company knows that there aren't progressive packaging glass players for limited edition bottles in China now. How do we know? We had had an experience of manufacturing glass bottles in China for five years.
Needless to say China is next to our country.

We are ready to match your expectations.

We would like to show our techniques that we cultivated and our experiences to a bigger overseas industry. We would like to expand our products to overseas by showing the accumulation of our manufacturing process. We will work for the first time in overseas.

We look forward to the challenge of meeting any and all the demands of new clients in overseas.

Thank you very much