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Revive “Japonisme”

We were established in 1895.

Since then, we have been taking unique way as a company of manufacturing glass bottles. At first, our products are for foods, beverages, and containers but also for special bottles such as uranium glass for export. We have been investing to new products development since we started.

Before about 40 years ago, making full use of its strengths, we decided to break into a cosmetics industry. We’ve made revolution in the glass industry for cosmetics, in which mass-producing and commonplace shaped glass bottles were mainstreams. And then, we have been sweeping in this area by progressive sprit.

Now, we have been launching our products series, SS-, for new foods and beverages container using technique of producing cosmetics bottles. In addition, we can supply our bottles not only in small quantity but unique design. Furthermore, using materials for cosmetics glass bottles such as transparent and beautiful surface of glass bottles, our products are able to have brand power as never before.

And eventually, we decided to step next floor.
That is a revival of “Japonisme”.
Our new proposal is that new packaging for Japanese sake expanding in the world.
“Japonisme” is a boom that has created a sensation for the art in the world after the Paris expo. 1867, in which Japan was exhibited a lot of traditional things such as “UKIYOE”, “SENSU”, “BYOUBU” and “MAKIE” first time.

We would like to revive this “JAPONISME” to the world, and we would like to let them know to nice taste and flavor of Japanese sake.
Japanese sake is a traditional alcoholic drink, which are familiar with Japanese people since hundreds years ago.
You can see these bottles are wearing the aura of Japan. These products symbolize the Japanese traditional things. These are dressed such as a japan, which is a lacquer.
You can see it seems to be a lacquer wear.

I believe these bottles of rice wine are suitable for all restaurants in the world.
Any restaurants have unique atmosphere, but I believe these bottles of rice wine are suitable for their restaurants whether they have a Japanese atmosphere or not.

We are also able to deal good Japanese sake not only bottles.
Could you try our good sake with traditional aura?

Thank you very much.

“JAPONISME” (ジャポニスム)の再興


さらにこの度、われわれは “Japonisme” の再興を掲げ、海外に展開している日本酒をパッケージの分野から応援すべく新しいご提案をさせていただくことになりました。
“Japonisme” とは1867年のパリ万博に初めて参加した日本国の展示物、たとえば浮世絵、蒔絵、屏風、扇子、団扇、着物などの美術工芸品群が非常な公表を博し、その後数十年にわたって世界中の美術界にセンセーションを巻き起こした「日本ブーム」です。私どもはガラスびんでもう一度この “Japonisme” を再現させ、世界中の人たちに日本酒の良さと日本文化の良さを強くアピールしたいと考えています。

一度この“JAPONISME” ボトルで新しい日本酒の世界を開いてみませんか。